Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey: A Forever Tribute Every time Clint Dempsey – a now household name; the Captain America of soccer – scores a goal he raises two fingers to the air. An ode to his sister who passed away, a tribute to why he plays. Dempsey’s story is the American Dream. Stamped with all shades of … Continue reading Clint Dempsey

Plaid Sets

The iconic plaid sets from Clueless are finally having the moment they deserve. And it’s happening this fall. Something foreshadowing the past while embellishing our already all-black outfit with lots and lots of plaid. Or rather, something yellow – a statement of its own kind. A set ready for work. A set also ready for … Continue reading Plaid Sets

90’s Jeans

The fashion community reclaimed mom jeans last year and this summer, we’ve reclaimed dad shoes too. You know, the chunky white sneakers that you dad probably wore to the gym in 1991? Those ones. Well, good news 90’s babies: the 90’s are (still) back. Your dad sneakers and mom jeans are here to stay for … Continue reading 90’s Jeans